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Dedicating yourself to the military is not only honorable, but it also provides you with a meaningful purpose in life. Listed below are some of the primary reasons individuals enroll in the United States Army.

Service to Country
Soldiers have the ability to give back and appreciate defending our freedoms. They honor a great nation and those who came before them.

Occupation & Career Enhancements
The Army offers over 150 different job opportunities for you to gain specialized skills that translate into employment in the civilian sector. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

Leadership Management Experience
You will receive the best leadership and management training anywhere. We train soldiers in unique experiences and prepare them to lead and manage in their career. There are several schools available for leadership training based upon your rank, starting as a "young" soldier. You will learn to manage your time, take care of people, be in charge, and manage expectations.

Diversity & Culture
The Army is comprised of diverse individuals from all walks of life who join to meet people with different backgrounds and upbringings. This is also your chance to visit other countries and learn about various cultures.

Income Benefits & Job Stability
Serving in the military not only yields leadership experience, but also offers a wide array of income benefits, including:

• Monthly Paycheck & Food Allowance
• Free Housing or Housing Allowance
• Medical & Dental Care Benefits
• Retirement Benefits
• Annual Clothing Benefit
• Uniform Allowance

Education Benefits
The Army offers tuition assistance up to the full cost of classes while you are serving. The Post-9/11 GI Bill covers 100% in-state tuition, housing allowance, and book allowance for enrolled students.

When you serve in the Army, you have the opportunity to earn the respect of your fellow service members and civilians, appreciating the best in others and treating them with dignity. You'll also earn respect by fulfilling your duty. We are a team, and each of us has unique qualities and skills to contribute.