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discover benefits That last a lifetime when you join the United States Army or Army Reserve

Are you looking for adventure? Do you need money for college or want to pursue leadership opportunities? By enlisting in the United States Army or Army Reserve, you'll get training and benefits that will make you a stronger person, setting you up for life. You'll also receive health care, cash allowances, funds for education, and more — all while serving our great nation. Our Army recruiting office in North Chicago is eager to hear from you and can answer any questions. We generally accept people from 17 to 34 for enlistment.

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The U.S. Army is passionate about spreading awareness of the benefits of joining our military. We seek to provide accurate information on enlisting in the United States Army or the Army Reserves to recruits from Chicago and its surrounding suburbs, including Northern Indiana. We also offer assistance with the enrollment process. Whether you want to serve your country or are seeking employment, have loans to pay off, want to further your education, or develop your leadership skills; our goal is to ensure you feel confident making this significant decision.

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